3 levels Web architecture:
• Thin browser client, no deployment
• Database server: Oracle, MySqL

Saisar is also available in SaaS version.

Seizures on Bank accounts
(Notices to third holder, Administrative oppositions)

Who is Saisar for ?

These past years, the number of seizure on bank accounts has strongly increased, particulary because of notices to third holder and admistrative oppositions.

As third holder of seized assets, banks must follow the rules of strict legal and regulatory frameworks that lead to an important and costly workload. Banks are looking to reduce these non profitable costs, in particular with automatic processing.

Since 1996, Metamicro offers with its professional software Saisar a complete solution to solve these issues.

Managing every step of the seizure, Saisar automatize most of the process and guarantees the safety of every processing operation.

Saisar benefits new features on regular basis and a constant effort to be up to date to any possible change in the legal framework.

What makes Saisar your best choice ?

Saisar includes an event driven management of your files, based on a customizable workflow. It guarantees the best following of your files and so helps improves productivity, cost control and speeding of administration processes.

When a new seizure is recorded, the Saisar file is automaticaly built with data collected from the other applications in the system (customers, accounts, previous events…)

Saisar generates all the process in the various steps of accounts blocking, from total or partial withdrawal to the closing of the seizure.

The respect of the agenda and of the legal framework allow an automated process of seizures, administrative oppositions and notices to third holders.

Saisar’ custom features can be adjusted to each bank internal rules and are the guarantee of the indispensable respect of  the legal and regulatory frameworks.

Available from the Intranet portail of the bank, Saisar provides a clear and up to date information to all staff members in agencies or dedicated offices.

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