3 levels Web architecture:
• Thin browser client, no deployment
• Database server: Oracle, SQL Server, IBM DB2

Ligis is also available in SaaS version.

Covering Collection and Disputes

Who is Ligis for ?

Nowadays, covering collection can’t be managed without a dedicated software.

Ligis offers the benefits of a long time proven efficient solution to collection and dispute services of any company, in all kind of business.

The managed files organization and content are personalized through a configuration according to each customer needs and specificities. The user panel can be customized to ease the learning process and help to the best efficiency in the daily management.

What makes Ligis your best choice ?

The watch over actions, events and process is based on a customized workflow. It improves the productivity and the steamlining of your process. Dealing with amicable recovering, discussions with debit accounts owners or legal proceedings, Ligis offers the users a high productivity workspace and the managers a real steering tool.

The rich database model and professional features makes Ligis ready to manage all types of recovering and disputes process:

  • unpaid invoices and any receivables
  • disputes
  • bad depts
  • debit balance
  • expired or unexpired credits
  • indebtedness
  • legal litigations
  • recovering for third parties
  • standards Bâle II, IAS/IFRS
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