3 levels Web architecture:
• Thin browser client, no deployment
• Database server: Oracle, MySQL
Heremus is also available in SaaS version.

Successions, Administrative

& Commercial Management

Who is Heremus for?

When a customer passes away, a bank is due to engage processes that requires an heavy management workload on their administration and financial services. Since 1995, Metamicro offers with Heremus a complete answers to this issues.

Heremus has been widely acclaimed for its rich features and its capacity to easily be integrated in the bank’ system. With its wide range of functions it can satisfy any kind of bank, from local bank, to national banks or investment banks.

Since 2005, considering the large amount of outstandings, the management of successions files has pointed out a necessary new strategy within the banks. Here again, Heremus offers the tools that will allow to identify the beneficiaries and build a customized relationship

Banks have to deal with the growth of life insurance contracts in their successions files. Heremus includes a full management of these contracts all the way to the closing payment phase.

Easing the contacts with the customers during all the process, Heremus helps the bank build a new relationship with the beneficiaries and thus improves the chances to keep the assets.

What makes Heremus your best choice ?

Heremus includes an event driven management of your files, based on a customizable workflow. It guarantees the best following of your files and so helps improves productivity, cost control and speeding of administration processes.

In order to be adjusted to any simple or complex internal process, Heremus can be fully customized, from the workflow database model to the user panel or reporting system.

You can custom its appearance and its features according to your own needs and take into account the specific role of your different services in the management of the succession files.

Available from your Intranet, it displays a precise information and provides any bank staff member with a detailed overview of all the successions files.

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