3 levels Web architecture:
• Thin browser client, no deployment
• Database server: Oracle, MySQL

Caris is also available in SaaS version.

Complaints &
Ask for customers

Who is Caris for ?

Nowadays companies are due to make every possible efforts to ever improve their customer relationship. It is highly important to take advantage of multiple contact opportunities, provide a custom relationship to each customer, ease cross-selling, and develop many other sales improvement strategies.

But what about the dissatisfied customer ? What about the customer who needs answers or claims for an after-sales service ? Isn’t he as important as the “silent” customer or the prospect?

Companies have to face customers demands by mail, e-mail, phone, directly to the head office or in sales offices. They are due to offer an answer, track and follow the demands, start any internal process that will bring the customer satisfaction in a high quality way that will ease the development of customer loyalty.

What makes Caris you best choice ?

Caris offers a perfect monitoring and management of complaints and other demands from customers.

In order to be adjusted to any simple or complex internal process, Caris can be fully customized, from the workflow model to the user panel or reporting system.

Caris offers the best efficiency and productivity to your staff in charge of complaints and ask from customers management.

Caris is a tracking, quality and cost monitoring tool.

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