Covering Collection and Disputes

Nowadays, covering collection can't be managed without a dedicated software. Ligis offers the benefits of a long time proven efficient solution to collection and dispute services of any company, in all kind of business.

Customers Complaints and Asks

Caris offers a full management of your customers' complaints and all other kind of demands. In order to be adjusted to any simple or complex internal process, Caris can be fully customized, from the workflow model to the user panel or reporting system.

Seizures on Bank accounts (Notices to third holder, Administrative oppositions)

When receivint a seizure notice, banks have to face legal duties that generate a complex and heavy administration and financial management. With Saisar, Metamicro offers since 1996 a full solution to answer the banks needs.

Successions, Administrative and commercial management

Provided by Metamicro as early as 1995, Heremus has been quickly acclaimed by the banks as the best software for succession files management. Today, more than 80% of the succession files in France are managed with Heremus.
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